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Produced by Hong Kong artist Ivana Wong, “Notes” is a concert of classical music presented with resonance of remembrance and thankfulness to loved ones and to God. It is an enthralling experience comprising solo and ensemble songs performed by vocalists from “Coro di Paradiso” , instrumental music, contemporary dance, and multimedia art.


Ivana grew up in a music family , where her parents are classical vocalists who have always been dedicated to nurturing the local classical music scene. Immersed in their teachings and performances since childhood, Ivana has been greatly inspired to further pursuing the path of music later on. Her forever gratefulness to her parents gave light to the idea of this meaningful concert , as a tribute to her own parents , and to celebrate the festive seasons of Mothers' Day and Fathers' Day in May and June with classical music in the atmosphere of love.





王菀之在充滿古典音樂的家庭長大, 父母是聲樂家, 一直致力推廣本地聲樂教育。 從小接受到父母的演出和授課薰陶, 啓發了她日後展開音樂旅程。 這個音樂會是呈獻對父母的感謝, 伴隨五月及六月的母親節及父親節的節日氛圍,透過古典音樂,一起感恩。

Performance Date 演出日期:

June 24th - 26th , 2022

Venue 演出地點 : 

The Box, Freespace, Art Park, West Kowloon Cultural District


Performers 演出者

Coro di Paradiso

First performing alongside Ivana at the Hong Kong Coliseum in 2014, and with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra in the following year, “Coro di Paradiso” is a group of ten passionate classical vocalists whose music has nourished the brought-up of Ivana. Coming together from different paths of life, each one of them has dedicated immensely in the past few decades to enrich the local classical music scene through graceful performances, hearty teaching and motivational workshops.


由十位醉心聲樂的歌唱家組成,他們的音樂與歌聲陪伴著王菀之成長。  於二零一四年「天使聲樂團」首次會同王菀之在紅磡體育館演出音樂會,及於翌年與香港管弦樂團在香港文化中心作盛大演出。 當中每位歌唱家都各具天賦,過去數十年致力於透過優美演出,用心教學,



Vocalists of Coro di Paradiso 天使聲樂團成員包括:

Soprano Esther Fung 女高音 馮志麗
Mezzo-Soprano Cynthia Luff 女中音 嚴仙霞
Mezzo-Soprano Sylvia Chen 女中音 陳嘉璐
Soprano Chiffon Lee 女高音 李芝玲
Tenor Wong Fang 男高音 王 帆
Baritone Enoch Young 男中音 楊健明
Baritone Petrus Cheung 男中音 張健華
Baritone Sylvester Che 男中音 車遠强


Musicians 樂手:

Pianist鋼琴 - Cynthia Luff 嚴仙霞
Pianist 鋼琴 - Ivana Wong 王菀之
Flutist 長笛 - Ivy Chuang 莊雪華

Violinist 小提琴 - Johnny Sun Yu 孫圉
Violist 中提琴 - Bones Lam 林振華
Cellist 大提琴 - Alfred Tang 鄧仲豪


Choreographer / Dancer 舞蹈家

Hon Ka Ching Flora 韓嘉政

Production Team 製作團隊: 

Multimedia Artist 多媒體藝術 - Visual Tailors 映匠

Lighting Designer 燈光設計- Yeung Tsz Yan 楊子欣
Sound Designer 音響設計- Ha Yan Pui 夏恩蓓
Stage Designer 舞台設計- Bill Cheung 張正和
Technical Director 技術總監 - Bobo Chan 陳寶愉
Production Manager 製作總監 - Joyi Tsang 曾以德

2022 © Ivana Music Limited. All rights reserved.

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