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When Hong Kong’s fatBottle meets Japan’s pokefasu, what kind of magic can we expect? 

Inside this fantastical glasshouse are the joyful memories of fatBottle and pokefasu frolicking through an enchanted village. On their wonderful adventures, they snapped pictures at scenic spots and made drawings of the funny stories that happened along the way. Let’s follow the footprints that the pair left on the giant map, embark on a journey of friendship and collect Christmas presents for our own best friends. In the end, you’ll find that regardless of how we look, where we’re from, friendships are always right around the corner as long as we keep an open heart!


Created by Hong Kong artist Ivana Wong, fatBottle represents the inner child that lives inside all of us, while pokefasu is the brainchild of Japanese designer Junichi Chiba, known for his whimsical animal designs. This cross-regional creative partnership marks the first collaboration of fatBottle with another cartoon character. 


“Anyone can be a friend, if you will.”

                                                                  fatBottle x pokefasu



fatBottle is the Innerchild

With a heart full of curiosity and kindness, fatBottle is always ready to start an adventure to explore the world. She may be timid sometimes, but she constantly dreams of herself being big and strong.  Bit by bit, she learns about everything, and little by little she gives her best to contribute to life, small deeds at a time, with great love.



pokefasu is a brand name of the whimsical ( おとぼけ otoboke in Japanese) animal characters. pokefasu is mistakenly spelt  a word poker face. I don't create cool characters but only funny products. 

Junichi Chiba: Japanese and  a designer of pokefasu. 

My works involves in  Illustration, painting, cartoon, animation, plush doll, clay and embroidery but also do other works that I can enjoy expressing my ideas freely without fussing over whatever the intervention.

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