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FatBottle is the Innerchild

With a heart full of curiosity and kindness, FatBottle is always ready to start an adventure to explore the world.  She may be timid sometimes,   but she constantly dreams of herself being big and strong.  Bit by bit, she learns about everything, and little by little she gives her best to contribute to life, small deeds at a time, with great love.

FatBottle( 広東語発音:肥波兔/フェイボートー)キャラクター:


好奇心と優しさに満ちた FatBottleはいつでも世界中を冒険する準備は万端。 時々臆病だけれども、いつでも自分が大きくて強くなれることを夢見ています。 ちょっとづつ色々なこと学び、少しづつ大きな愛を込めて、小さいことだけれど生活に貢献できるように 最善を尽くしているインナーチャイルドです。

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Pokefasu is a brand name of the dopey otoboke(おとぼけ) animal characters. 

Pokefasu is mistakenly spelt  a word poker face. I don't create cool characters but only funny products. 


Junichi Chiba: Japanese and  a designer of Pokefasu. 

My works involves in  Illustration, painting, cartoon, animation, plush doll, clay and embroidery but also do other works that I can enjoy expressing my ideas freely without fussing over whatever the intervention.

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  • Pokefasu
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