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The FatBottleland x Ise Jewellery , a limited fine jewellery series

The charm of FatBottle is a limited fine jewellery series, a collaboration of The FatBottleland with Ise Jewellery.


Based on the 1st draft original sketch by the artist, this handmade jewellery series presents the FatBottle character with the finest details and craftsmanship : the signature eyes, the hair with pearls headpiece, the clothes, the ruffled pants and the little socks and shoes are precisely handcrafted with hours of work. The delicacy of the polished skin contrasts with the shiny clothing texture, details that make it so much fun and joy to discover.

Ise jewellery

is a bespoke jewellery store since 1991, crafting the world’s finest jewels.  

Its artwork is created with the persistence in finest craftsmanship.

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